Pardot Integration - Import Registrant Data

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The Pardot-Zuddl integration lets you pull prospects from Pardot to Zuddl by leveraging segmentation lists. It allows you to pull Pardot prospects in a list as registrants in your Zuddl event.  


To install the Pardot app

  1. Go to the integration listing page and click View details for Pardot.

  2. Inside the integration page, click Install app. This initiates the installation.

  3. In the Select authentication dropdown, click Add new account.

  4. Next, in the Create a new authentication page, enter the following:

    1. Your authentication name: A unique identifier for your authentication

    2. Salesforce environment: Select Production for Salesforce production account.  

    3. Pardot environment: Select Production for Pardot production account.  

    4. Business unit ID: Your 18-character business unit Id (starts with ‘0Uv’). To find your business unit Id, go to Setup > Account engagement > Business unit setup.
       Note: Alternatively, you can go to Marketing Setup > Setup for Marketing Automation > Business Unit Setup.

  5. In the Prospect field mapping page, map the standard Zuddl registration form fields with its Pardot counterpart.

  6. Click Finish. This completes the installation of the Pardot app. After installation, the next step is to set up an event-level configuration.

Link List to Pardot Forms

The integration uses Segmentation lists to fetch prospect email addresses in Pardot. There are many ways in which prospect data is collected in Pardot such as forms, form handlers, bulk upload, and also manual addition.

However, if you wish to use forms, there are certain instructions you must follow to link your segmentation list to your Pardot form.


Since forms can be linked to the Segmentation list, they must be created beforehand in order to conveniently link to the forms.  

While creating forms, ensure that they are linked to a segmentation list in order to relay the received prospect data into relevant lists. To link a segmentation list while creating a form:

  1. On the Completion Actions step, scroll to the Action option and select Add to list from the dropdown options. This shows an additional field, ‘List’.

  2. Select a required Segmentation list from the List dropdown and click Next and proceed with further steps. 

This step links the Segmentation list to your Pardot form. So when a user gets converted to a Prospect through a Pardot form, they also get added to a segmentation list. This list should be added as input for registrations to pass from Pardot to Zuddl. The integration identifies the list and imports prospect email addresses to your Zuddl event by virtue of the import connections made at the time of event-level integration setup.

Event-level integration

When turned on, import integration pulls prospects from a list to a Zuddl event as registrants. The registrants appear inside the Attendee section of the People menu. The integration checks if there already exists a registrant in your Zuddl event with the same email address. If not, the integration creates one in your Zuddl event. You can also import registrations from multiple Pardot Segmentation lists.

Note: Event-level integration step is mandatory for every event that requires this integration.  


Ensure that event invitation email communication is set up before you start the integration.


  1. On the common dashboard, click on Home and create a new event/webinar.

  2. Inside the event setup dashboard, click on Integration.

  3. On the Pardot card, toggle on Pull to Zuddl. This initiates the data flow setup to import prospects from Pardot to Zuddl.

The event-level integration is split into:

  1. Custom fields

  2. List Id

These steps are explained in the below sections

Map Custom fields

If you have custom fields in your Pardot form you can map them to a suitable registration field in Zuddl. If you don’t find a suitable field in Zuddl, you can create one inside Registration > Forms.

Note: Ensure that the datatype matches its Pardot counterpart. For easy mapping, keep the name and the data type the same as it is in your Pardot prospect.

To map a custom field in Zuddl:

  1. Under the Custom fields tab, select a Zuddl field and map it against its Pardot counterpart.

  2. Click the + Add field button to add more fields.

  3. Click Save. This saves your custom field mapping. This will map the custom fields which are shown under the Custom fields section inside the prospect detail view.

    Note: While mapping custom fields, ensure that the compatible datatypes are selected.  


Add List IDs to Import

The integration lets import prospects automatically from the segmentation lists you specify using the list Id. The list Id can be obtained from the URL. To copy the segmentation list Id:

  1. Go to HomeMarketing > Segmentation.

  2. Click the required Segmentation List from the list which was used to pass registrations from the Pardot form to your Zuddl event/webinar

  3. Copy the 4-digit numeral code from the URL on the Segmentation list details page.

  4. To specify a segmentation List Id, under the List Id tab, add the Pardot Segmentation list where prospect data is passed through a Pardot form.

  5. Click Save. This establishes a data flow from Pardot to Zuddl.

  6. Click +Add field to add more field-to-list mapping.
    Note: You can also delete a mapping by clicking on the bin icon.

Important: You can combine both export and import flow to achieve a bidirectional data flow thereby enriching existing prospect data flowing into Pardot with Zuddl event activity data. In such a requirement, ensure that the export integration is set up before you set up import integration.

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