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HubSpot is a CRM platform that provides solutions for inbound marketing, sales, services, and operations that help them grow. The Zuddl - HubSpot integration enables organizers to pass registrant information seamlessly from Zuddl to HubSpot.

Note: If you are looking for HubSpot to Zuddl flow, refer to this article.


The integration creates a Marketing event and new contacts (new email addresses) on HubSpot to display registrant activity data for Zuddl events. The two major registrant activity data the integration captures are:

  • Registration

  • Event attendance

Note: The integration does not support syncing updates made to a contact in HubSpot or an registrant in Zuddl. For example, if an registrant information has been updated in Zuddl the corresponding contact (that is already synced) in HubSpot would not be updated. This is also true for HubSpot to Zuddl flow.

Important: The integration only passes new registrant data that gets captured after the app installation and enabling event-level integration. The older registrations in the event are not passed to HubSpot.


  • The following permissions are required for integration:

    1. Account access permission - to create marketing events

    2. Object Access (edit permission) - to create, edit, and read contacts
      Learn how to define user permissions.


The integration involves:

  1. Enable integration on Zuddl

  2. Create a marketing list

  3. Test the flow

Enable integration on Zuddl

  1. On the Zuddl go to common dashboard > Integration > HubSpot.

  2. On the HubSpot card, click View details.

  3. Inside the Hubspot integration page, Click Install app. This initiates the HubSpot Authentication process on Zuddl.

  4. On the HubSpot Authentication page, click on “Add a new Account” at the end of the dropdown to add a new authentication. This initiates the new account authentication process.

    1. If you have already connected your HubSpot account select your account name from the list of previously connected HubSpot accounts and click Next

  5. On the create a new authentication page, enter Your authentication name.


  6. On the tray authentication screen, select the HubSpot account you wish to connect with Zuddl.

  7. On the account permission consent page, click the Connect app button.
    This authenticates your HubSpot account on Zuddl and redirects you back to the Zuddl flow. Click the Next button to proceed to data-mapping step.

  8. On the Zuddl - HubSpot data mapping page, map a HubSpot Contact field with a corresponding Zuddl registration form field. The First Name, Last Name, and Email are default fields and cannot be deleted. You can also map the optional fields and click Add a new mapping to add more Zuddl fields to map.

  9. Select/Deselect the Create new Contacts checkbox. By selecting this checkbox, you can allow the integration to create a new contact whenever a registration happens for a Zuddl event.
     Note: If the registered user details are already present in your HubSpot account, the integration does not add the user.

  10. Click Finish. This installs and authenticates the HubSpot app on Zuddl.

  11. Now, go to your Zuddl organizer dashboard and create a new event, say “Acme global meet”.

    Important: The integration only passes new registrant data that gets captured after the app installation and enabling event-level integration. The older registrations in the event are not passed to HubSpot.

  12. Inside the event settings, go to Integrations from the side navigation.

  13. Inside the HubSpot card, click the Push from Zuddl button and toggle on HubSpot event-level integration.

  14. On the “Create a marketing event in Hubspot for the details of this event” confirmation dialog, click Confirm. This creates a marketing event on HubSpot with the same name as the Zuddl event name.

  15. Under the Custom activities tab, toggle on the activities that you want the integration to pass to your HubSpot account.

  16. Under the Custom fields table, map your Zuddl registration fields with HubSpot custom fields.

  17. On your HubSpot account, go to Contacts > Contacts. Click on the view changer dropdown and select Marketing events.
    In the below screenshot, a new event “Acme Global Meet” has been added to the list of Marketing events under.


To view the event-level details click on the event name. On the right side menu, the event details such as event name, organization name (Organizer), start and end time (HubSpot account timezone), number of registered users, and other details get populated as shown in the screenshot below

View the attendee activity

The integration passes on the event activities to your HubSpot account during a live event every 10 minutes.

To view the attendee activities

  1. On your HubSpot account, go to Contact > Contacts.

  2. Click on a particular contact name to view the details

  3. Inside the contact details page, under the Activity tab, click Filter activity and select the Zuddl checkbox under Integrations. This will start showing all the Zuddl activities in a particular format.

Each activity is shown as an individual record with the activity details in a particular format as shown below:

zuddl act list.png

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