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Closed captioning is a useful feature that converts the spoken content in a live stage into readable texts known as captions. The caption text is received in real-time and is displayed to attendees on a live stage.

Zuddl partners with SyncWords to facilitate closed captioning capabilities. With SyncWords, attendees can select from a predefined list of supported languages in which they would receive the captions. This feature is especially useful when you have a global audience for an event or have attendees from more one geographies.

Setting up the Integration


To enable closed captioning on Zuddl, you need to directly reach out to SyncWords and inform your requirements based on which you receive a unique token.

To  specify your requirements, fill up the live event request form and send it to SyncWords. The table below describes the live event details required by SyncWords.

Note: Optional fields are marked as Optional.



First Name

First name of the requestor

Last Name

Last name of the requestor

Email Address

Email address of the requestor. The invoice would be sent to this email by default.


Optional field. Name of the company.

Event Date

Date of the event


The timezone of the event

Start Time

Event start time

End Time

Event end time

Source Language

Language of the original (incoming) audio stream that needs closed captioning.

Select from the list of available languages; English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Translating To

The language in which captions are to be typed. Select from the list of available languages; English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic

Audio Link

Optional field. Leave this blank

The Attendee-Facing URL

Optional field. Zuddl event link for attendees. You can fetch this from the dashboard.

Event Credentials

Optional field. Attendee credentials to access the event on Zuddl.

Speaker Names And Vocabulary

Optional field. Add the list of the speaker names, and other details that would help the captioner such as company-specific terminology or acronyms, a link to a slide deck, or agenda.

Additional Notes and Instruction

Optional field. A space for additional notes and instructions

Invoice Contact

Optional field. The contact (email address) of the person to whom the invoice would be sent. By default, the invoice would be sent to the email address of the requestor

Upon receiving your request, SyncWords will send an invoice for the requested requirements to the Invoice Contact (refer to the table above). After the request is accepted, they will share a unique token that is used to enable caption support on Zuddl.

Note: Based on your requirements it may take a minimum of 2 weeks time to confirm the integration.


Since closed captioning is enabled at a stage level, after you have received the token do the following:

  1. On the Zuddl dashboard, go to Venue Setup > Stage.

  2. Under the Advanced tab, expand the Support.

  3. Under Multilingual Support, enter the token you received from Interprefy in the Enter token field.


Once Captions Support is turned on, attendees can then turn on the caption from the settings option (gear icon) in the particular live stage, select a language of their choice, and start reading the simultaneously converted captions of the spoken content in real-time.

Caution: Since the conversion is done by a real human typist and not a bot, you should expect a lag of approximately 2-3 seconds.

Attendee Settings

An attendee should follow the below steps in a live stage to enable closed captions:

  1. On the stage, click the gear icon and click Captions.

  2. Click On and select the desired language from the list of available dropdown options.


This will display the captions in the designated text area as shown below:


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