Manage Access Groups

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Editing Permission

To modify or edit the default access permission or settings for a particular group:

  1. Go to About Event > Access Groups.
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  2. Click on a group name.

  3. Navigate through the access permission categories using tabs and toggle off/on for a particular setting/rule. If there are sub-settings, select relevant checkboxes.Modify access permissions.
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  4. Once you’ve made changes, click Save Changes. This updates the permissions for a particular group.

Note: If a feature for example “Private Meetings” is disabled for an event, that setting is also disabled in access groups.

Day Access

For a multi-day event, you can select/clear day-wise accessibility checkbox for a particular group.

Note: If event dates have changed, this would reflect in the Day Access option.

Event Zones

Toggle on/off the different event venues for a group.

Note: If a venue is toggled off from the Venue Setup, that venue does not appear on the venue navigation bar in an event. The access group settings would show the option as disabled.

Access Area


Default State

Lobby Access

Access to the Lobby venue


Schedule Access

Access to the Schedule venue

Stage Access

Allow/deny access to stages in an event. Select/clear individual stages to grant and revoke access respectively.

Toggle off Stage Access to disable access for all stages. This also removes the Stage zone from the attendee side. Similarly, if you clear all the stage checkboxes individually, it also removes the Stage zone from the attendee side.

If stage access is disabled, stage notifications are not sent to the user.

Room Access

Allow/deny access to the Rooms venue.

  • Select/clear Access to private rooms

  • Select/clear the Show reserved rooms only checkbox. This only shows rooms where users have reserved seats. Defaults to off.


Networking Access

Allow/deny access to Networking venue

  • Select/clear Show Profile. Makes profile details visible to others for the networking feature in recommended profiles & attendee list.


Expo Access

Access to Expo venue



Allow/deny entry to the backstage. This is on by default.



Default State

Allow for all stages (default)

Backstage access is allowed for all stages


Allow for tagged stages only

Allow users to access the backstage only for the stages where they are added as speakers.


Event Engagement

Allow attendees to engage during the event. Default is on.



Default State


Show/hide People tab which shows all event attendees



Enable/disable chatting with attendees.

On if event-wide chat is enabled.



Allow/deny private chat with group members. Select the checkboxes of the access groups with whom private meetings can be set. Default is on.


Allow/deny private meetings with group members. Select the checkboxes of the access groups for which you wish to allow private meetings. Default is on.


Turn on/off Leaderboard and its related options. Default is on.

Access Area


Default State

Allow profile in ranking

Show/hide profile picture in the leaderboard ranking list


Show point distribution

Show/hide points received for the participant


Show ranks

Show/hide the rank of the participant on the leaderboard


Access to Session Recordings

Turn on/off the toggle to allow/restrict access to session recordings by the group member. Default is on.

Receive organizer announcements

Allow/restrict organizer announcements to be received by group members. Default is on.

Receive notifications

Allow/restrict notifications to be received by group members. Default is on.

Perform system checks before joining event

System checks refer to the welcome screen that guides you through the series of compatibility checks such as browser or internet speed required for a seamless event experience. This permission is not required for organizers.

Every group has a Group Name and Group ID. You can only edit a Group Name for a custom group.

Duplicate Group

A duplicate group option lets you create a new group with similar access permissions.

This is especially useful in cases where you have to create a custom group with permissions only slightly different from an existing group. You can create a duplicate, quickly make few changes, and save it.

To duplicate a group:

  1. Go to the existing group you wish to duplicate.

  2. Click the duplicate group icon.
    Screenshot 2022-08-30 at 7.59.42 PM.png

  3. Enter a group name on the pop-up form

  4. Click +Create.

This creates a new group with the same settings.

Delete Group

You can click Delete Group button in Access Groups to permanently delete a group.

Screenshot 2022-08-30 at 8.01.54 PM.png

Note that:

  • You can only delete custom groups and not default groups.

  • You can delete a derived ticket group by deleting it from ticket tier and not from access groups.

  • Role-based groups cannot be edited manually. An attendee can’t be added to organizer group.

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