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Create groups for your event participants to provide customized access to the Zuddl platform. Using access groups, you can configure a set of rules for a particular role instead of having to provide access to users one-by-one. In other words, access groups help you define roles by the actions users perform in a Zuddl event.

Note: Access groups are event-specific and need to be configured separately for each event.

Default Groups

The default groups are created based on the predefined roles in Zuddl. When you create a new event, the following groups would be present by default:

  • Attendees

  • Speakers

  • Moderators

  • Organizers

  • Booth Owners

Note: The access group settings cannot be turned off by an organizer.

Ways to Assign Access

There are 3 ways in which access groups can be assigned to a role.

  • Role-based: If an event participant is entitled to a role, the appropriate group permissions get auto-inherited. Role-based groups cannot be removed/deleted.

  • Derived: Only applicable for attendees. If a group is created based on a ticket tier, all attendees associated with that ticket tier inherit the configured access permissions.

  • A derived ticket group cannot be removed directly from the Access Groups. It can be changed to a different ticket group by changing the ticket tier.

  • Manual: Only custom groups can be manually assigned. Custom groups can be assigned to attendees and speakers.

Note: If there are multiple groups mapped to a user, that user will inherit a combination of all groups. For example, if a user is assigned with two groups X and Y one with lobby access and the other without. The user would be able to access the lobby.

Assignment Type




Booth Owner


Role-based (auto)

Automatically mapped to the Attendee group(default) when invited.

Automatically mapped to the Speaker group(default) when invited.
Automatically mapped to Organizer group(default) when a user is added as an organizer (Member or Admin).
Automatically mapped to the Booth Owner group(default) when a user (speaker or an attendee) is added as booth owner.

Automatically mapped to the Moderator group(default) when a user is added as a Moderator to your team. 


When the first ticket tier is created, the default ‘Attendee’ group gets replaced with the derived ticket group name.

Note: Any changes made for the ‘Attendee’ group will be preserved.

Thereafter, every new ticket tier will auto-generate a new access group.






Custom groups can be assigned from the edit attendee details option.

Learn more.

Custom groups can be assigned from edit speaker details option.

Learn more.




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