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One of the key takeaways in any physical event is the connections built during the event, which create a strong network of like-minded people. Event attendees are able to interact with speakers, fellow attendees from the same or different domains, get introduced to sponsors, and more.

Zuddl lets you include this functionality in your virtual event by way of the Networking feature.

Setting up Networking

To view the features available in the Networking venue, go to Venue Setup > Networkingimage.png

Quick Networking

To enable Quick networking:

  1. Toggle on Quick networking.

  2. Enter the Time Limit per meeting (from a range of 3 - 10 minutes) for which a participant can network with another participant.

  3. Click Advanced settings to expand the section.

  4. Click Reset match data to allow attendees to match with previously matched attendees. Attendees who have matched once are normally not matched again.image.png

  5. Toggle on Restrict matching by ticket type to control how attendees are matched based on their ticket types. You can now select the ticket types that each type can match with.


  1. Upload Sponsor logo if required. This is visible to the attendees during the networking session. The recommended format is a PNG image with a maximum size of 4 MB.

Smart Networking

To enable Smart Networking:

  1. Toggle on Smart networking.

  2. Toggle on Select interests and check the interest options to be made available to attendees. This allows attendees to add their interests to their profiles which are used to find a suitable match.

    1. Click Edit interests to edit the interest options.

    2. Click and drag the interest tabs to reorder them, or edit the name in the text box.

    3. Click Add interest to add a new interest.

    4. Click Save to save your changes.


  1. Toggle on Matchmaking filters, and select the filters to be made available to the attendees. This filter allows attendees to specify their intent of networking.

    1. Click Edit filters to edit the filter options.

    2. Click and drag the filter tabs to reorder them, or edit the name in the text box.

    3. Click Add Filter, to add a new filter.

    4. Click Save to save your changes.


Attending the event

Zuddl allows attendees to network in 2 ways:

  • Quick networking: matches two attendees through random selection.

  • Smart networking: recommends suitable profiles based on the attendee's interests.

The attendee flows for Quick Networking and Smart Networking are shown below:

Quick Networking

  1. The attendee reaches the Networking venue and sees the Quick Networking card. On clicking Start Networking, they are shown a pop-up for audio and video settings.


  1. The camera, microphone, and speaker can be changed here if necessary. On clicking Start Networking, the attendee is taken to the Quick Networking page.


  1. Inside Quick networking, attendees are matched with others randomly and can talk to them for a fixed amount of time. To share contact information with the other person, they can click Connect.


Smart Networking:

  1. The attendee reaches the Networking venue from the main menu and views the Recommended Profiles card.

  2. If their profile information is updated, Zuddl directly starts searching for recommended profiles that match their needs.

  3. On clicking a person’s profile card, attendees can start a private chat or set up a meeting with them.



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