How to Integrate Mailchimp with Zuddl

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How to integrate Mailchimp with Zuddl

In a Zuddl to Mailchimp flow, when an event attendee is added to an event on Zuddl, the attendee details along with the event and ticket id are synced to Mailchimp. Once the integration is enabled, all attendees added in Zuddl and contacts added in your Mailchimp app, get synced.

Note: The integration does not support syncing updates made to an attendee in Zuddl.

The integration involves:

  1. Defining new fields for a Mailchimp Contact

  2. Enabling the integration on Zuddl

  3. Testing the Integration

1. Define custom fields on Mailchimp

An attendee in Zuddl translates to a contact in Mailchimp. To allow capturing the required attendee information from Zuddl, a new field, “Event & Ticket Id”, must be defined for a Mailchimp contact. The Event & Ticket Id is a text field that records the event id and ticket id from Zuddl. To define this new field:

  1. Log in to your Mailchimp account.

  2. On your Mailchimp account, go to Audience > All contacts > Settings > Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags.


  3. At the bottom of the Audience fields and *|MERGE|* tags page, click Add A Field.


  4. Select Text as the field type.

  5. In the new field creation fields, enter Event & Ticket Id as the field name. Accept the default inputs and click Save Changes.


Once your Mailchimp app is configured, you now need to enable the integration on Zuddl to connect both Zuddl to Mailchimp.

2. Enable the integration on Zuddl

The following instructions enables the integration on Zuddl.


You need to be logged in to your Mailchimp account.


  1. On the Zuddl dashboard, go to the event listing page > Integration.

  2. On the Mailchimp card, click View Integration Details.


  3. Click Enable Integration.


    This initiates the Mailchimp Authentication process to connect a Mailchimp account with Zuddl.

  4. On the Mailchimp Authentication page, select your connected account name from the list of previously linked Mailchimp accounts.


  5. If you haven’t connected your Mailchimp account yet, click on “Add a new Account” at the end of the dropdown to add a new authentication. This initiates the new account authentication process.

  6. On the Create a new authentication screen, enter a unique authentication name in the Your authentication name field and click Create. Mailchimp uses your authentication name to identify your account.

This redirects you to the Mailchimp login page. Enter your Username and Password credentials and click Log in.

  1. On the Authorize, click Allow. Zuddl uses to connect to your Mailchimp app. Allowing access to your account establishes the connection between Zuddl and Mailchimp.

  2. On the Authentication page, select the listing from the dropdown. An account can have multiple listings and click Next.

  3. On the Zuddl - Mailchimp data mapping page, map the “EventId:TicketId” field in Zuddl to the recently created text field in Mailchimp, “Event & Ticket id”.


    - You can delete the mapping for optional fields such as Country, Company, and Designation by clicking the delete icon (bin icon) beside the mapping row. If an incorrect field is mapped to a particular Zuddl field, you can re-select the correct Mailchimp field from the dropdown.
    - You can also click “Add a New mapping” to add (optional) custom fields and map them to related Mailchimp fields.


  4. Click Finish.

This completes the connection between Zuddl and your Mailchimp app.

3. Test the Integration

To confirm whether the integration is enabled, you can test the Zuddl to Mailchimp flow. To test the flow of information from Zuddl to Mailchimp, you need to invite an attendee to an event and check if the attendee details are synced to Mailchimp.

  1. On the Zuddl dashboard, go to the events listing page and select the event in which you need to add the attendee.

  2. On the event settings page, go to People > Attendees > Invite Attendee.

  3. In Email, add the attendee’s email address. For example, “”.


  4. Select the Ticket Type, if available for the event.

  5. Click Start Import and click Yes, Please on the confirmation prompt message to invite the attendee to the event.

This successfully adds the attendee to the event, and the name appears on the attendee list. To check the exact attendee details on Mailchimp, on your Mailchimp app, go to Audience > All Contacts. The attendee's name and event and ticket details appear on the contacts list.


This confirms the connection is established by the integration.

     Note: If the same contact is added to multiple events in Zuddl, the event and ticket id in Mailchimp is captured in this format: <event_id_1>:<ticket_id_1>,<event_id_2>:<ticket_id_2>.

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