Moderated Rooms

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The Moderated rooms option lets you restrict entry to a room by allowing attendees to join a queue to enter the room. A moderated room can be enabled only if a room owner has been added.

A room owner can be anyone from the attendees or speakers who you designate to moderate a room. Though a room owner and a team moderator are two distinct roles, a team moderator (or an organizer) can perform all actions of a room owner.

To convert a room to moderated room,

Highly Recommended:

Moderated rooms can be enabled without a room moderator. In such cases, the organizer can act as a moderator, by default. However, in case of multiple rooms, it is highly recommended to add a room moderator as an organizer cannot be in multiple rooms. A moderator must be added in order to enable this feature

  1. Go to Rooms and click on the edit icon for a particular room.

  2. Under the Advanced tab, expand the Moderated room section.

  3. Toggle on the Moderated room toggle.

  4. Search and select a Room owner from the dropdown option. All the attendees and speakers in the team get listed as the dropdown options.
    Note: You can select multiple moderators from the list. You can also select the same users to be moderators for different rooms.
    Screenshot 2022-08-23 at 12.34.22 PM.png

Points to note

  • If a moderator is in a room, removing them from the organizer dashboard, removes she/he from the room.

  • Reserved seats are not moderated. Attendees with reserved seats can join the room directly without waiting in a queue.

Attending the Event

The following sections explain the attendee workflow for moderated rooms.

During the session, attendees can view the moderated rooms and the number of people in the queue. If a room owner is not present, the attendees see the room with the following messaging:


The Join Queue option is available for attendees when at least one room moderator is present in the room. Attendees can click on the Join Queue button which adds them to the queue and sends a join request to room moderators.


Note: Any number of attendees can join the queue regardless of the size of the room.

When the join request is accepted, the attendees automatically enter the room after a 5-second countdown. Upon rejection they are removed from the queue and are shown the following messaging:


Note: While in the queue, attendees also have the option to leave the room.

Managing Room Queue

Room moderators can directly join the assigned room without sending any requests. However, they would have to send requests to join other rooms.


Note: An organizer is a super user who can enter all rooms at any time and perform all actions as the room moderator.

A room moderator can view the attendees in the queue under the Queue tab > In Queue section on the right-side panel.

Note: The side panel is not visible to the attendees.

The room moderators can accept or deny join requests by clicking on the checkmark or cancel button beside each attendee’s name.


Once you accept the request, the attendees move to the In The Room section. For participants inside the room, you can also click Move back from the more option to send an attendee back to the queue or Remove to remove them from the room.

Note: Queues and their related actions do not apply to participants with reserved seats.


A room moderator can also click Clear Queue to reject all requests at once.

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